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Joshua Academy is an innovative public Charter School providing tuition-free education opportunities for children in grades K-5.

Joshua Academy is an innovative public Charter School providing tuition-free education opportunities for children in grades K-5.Filling the niche between private and public schools, we offer parents and students a choice to enroll in a school providing a unique learning environment, with the freedom to implement new teaching strategies and customize programs respecting the needs of the community.Although the organizers are religious leaders, religion is not part of the curriculum.

Our students come from many socioeconomic, ethnic, cultural, and scholastic backgrounds. And, even with this diverse population of children, the standardized test scores are as high as or higher than many suburban schools. Recent ISTEP test results indicate our school ranked 7th in English and math, out of 21 Vanderburgh County public elementary schools.

Joshua Academy’s limited class sizes provide students with greater opportunities for participation, individual attention, and improved instruction.Our curriculum incorporates Spanish instruction beginning with Kindergarten students.Our longer school hours, as well as an extended school calendar, provide students with additional instructional time and individualized learning.Uniforms are required in all grades, greatly enhancing our academic and social environment.


The school’s imaginative, integrated approach to learning is always focused on developing the whole child.Joshua Academy teaches all students how to give their best in both academics and character development.Through an aggressive educational program, we strive to challenge, motivate, and inspire our students to excellence, leadership, and personal achievement.


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For many urban children, their view of the world is the neighborhood in which they live.We aspire to provide each of our students with safe surroundings, enlightening experiences, and the incentive to reach for the stars!

It is our vision to continue to expand the Academy to accommodate additional children.Currently, admittance requests surpass availability and admission is determined by random lottery drawing.

The cost of educating a child at Joshua Academy exceeds State and Federal funds. We receive only 70% of our funding from the State of Indiana. All transportation costs – including bus maintenance – capital improvements, construction, and other expenses are the responsibility of the Academy.

Financial sustainability for a charter school is not possible without individual and corporate participation.Joshua Academy succeeds because of the love and sacrifice of a phenomenal group of parents, students, teachers, administrators, benefactors, and friends.There is nothing more emotionally charged than discussing the wellbeing and future of our children. The challenge is significant, will continue to increase in the future, and will require all of us to work creatively toward resolution.